Retirement Strategies

The majority of our clients are currently retired or approaching retirement. We utililize our customized planning process to assure that these client needs and expenses support retirment goals.  Meyer Gates' relationship is built on a foundation of knowledge, trust and transparency.  As a fiduciary, Meyer Gates is responsible for designing, managing and continually reassessing factors that impact retiremenl affairs.  

The transition from accumulating funds for retirment and spending and distributing  funds during retirement is a major life transition. We work with clients to review budgets, and projections during retirement. We adjust Social Security timing and alternative, tax strategies as well as evaluate other cash flow options including the impact of required minimum distributions and estate planning.  We update investment  strategies on an ongoing basis with clients and build numerous "what if " senarios" to better understand different risks.

Meyer Gates' underlying concept in retirement is that you can't manage what you can't measure. We find that clients gain peace of mind by knowing where they are financially every step of the way.