Insurance Advice

Insurance is an important part of your comprehensive financial plan.  Whether you are purchasing homeowners insurance to protect the home and assets you have worked so hard to obtain or buying life insurance to provide for your family in the event of your expected death, it is important that you understand the available insurance options and which types of insurance are most appropriate for your needs.

At Meyer Gates, we begin helping clients with their insurance needs by reviewing the insurance policies they have in place.  We will give you an unbiased analysis about whether you have appropriate coverage to manage your risk exposures.  If we determine that your insurance needs are different from the coverage you have, we will help you develop a plan to acquire additional coverage or change your coverage to best meet your needs.  Because we have vast experience in deciphering the often-times confusing available insurance options and add-ons, we will be able to help you minimize the costs of your insurance while maximizing the insurance values you receive.

Our review of your insurance needs does not stop after we assist you in getting appropriate coverage in place though.  After all, we know that we live in a changing world.  Your life circumstances may change or your risk exposures could change.  The economy changes and insurance policies, themselves, can even change.  As a result, we realize that insurance policies need to be reviewed and managed over time.  So we will continue to regularly review your insurance needs and coverage.

As fee-only financial advisors, we do not sell insurance so you never have to worry about being pressured to buy new insurance or take an action related to your insurance that is not in your best interests.